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Featured Session | Sherman, Tx

Vanlly & Juan | Baby Announcement

" Generation after generation stands in awe

of your work; each one tells stories of your mighty acts"  

Psalms 145:4

     Well this is one of those stories of God's mighty acts. There are so many factors that make this baby announcement session so special. Starting with the fact that this is my sister-in-law expecting her first baby. Embracing a fulfilled promise! See, it is not easy to spend 11+ years WAITING for something you desire the most. It is not easy to hear unpleasant comments about it. And it's certainly not easy to go through fertilization treatments just to get a negative test result.


     It is almost 12 years later and with no treatment whatsoever this time, God has said "It's time". It's not that God couldn't do it sooner, it's that he knows the perfect timing for us. So if you are in a similar situation keep holding on to your promise, keep holding on to your faith. Your time will come. There's nothing God cannot handle, you just have to trust Him. Don't loose hope. Don't feel guilty for it. Don't give in to the idea that maybe you don't deserve it. Sometimes science will say NO, but your Creator had the last word over 2000 years ago, "IT IS DONE"

Vanlly's message to you:

"In the midst of the long waiting period, whether it's months or years, keep prasing God. HE is the only one that makes impossible things possible!"

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